Jun 08 2009

Last Will & Testament Online

Making wills online is not a strictly do-it-yourself affair. A will has to be a legal document if it is to be considered with any seriousness. For that reason, all wills online created should be made with the assistance of a solicitor. It is not a requirement that wills online are made through a solicitor, but they may not be legal if not.

Services offering to help you create wills online are plentiful. However, you should make your own checks first before taking the plunge. There are certain standards that wills – online or otherwise – need to conform to, and if you don’t know what they are you could be wasting your time and money.

Wills online and wills offline set out to achieve the same thing: they are the expressed wish of how the person who makes the will wants his or her belongings distributed after his or her death. You need to be mentally capable to make a will. You must also be 18 or over, and two witnesses must be present when you and they sign the will. There must also be no undue influence on you when you make the will. Assuming all that is in place, making wills online is quick and easy.

A wills online service will have experts in will writing on hand to check your will and to approve it as being in the proper format and therefore legal. Choose your wills online service carefully for improperly constructed wills online are as bad as having no will. They will not be legal. The good news however is that most wills online services are competent and good, and will provide you with exactly what you need.

Remember also that with so many wills online, yours may someday become a source of interest to future historians. Already there are wills online that date back to the 14th century. They were once written by people who are now virtually unknown apart from the will they have left us. It’s easy to raise a smile over ancient wills online that mention a kettle being left to some family member, but we forget that in less prosperous times a kettle or a pan was a valuable item.

You can find wills online that are plain comical and clearly meant to be too. One Irish will from long ago stated: “To my wife, I leave her lover, and the knowledge that I was not the fool she thought me.” It also left the “pleasure of earning a living” to the will maker’s son who had been under the illusion that this pleasure belonged to his father.

Some wills online leave you wondering why. When Ernest Digweed died in 1976 his will stated that the money he was leaving to Jesus Christ should revert to the Crown if the expected Second Coming had not happened within 21 years. It didn’t happen in the allotted time and the Crown took all the money.

Humour aside, your last will and testament is a serious undertaking. If you haven’t been able to get around to making one so far, why not take advantage of the simplicity of making wills online and do it now.

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